Dorato, artistico, illustrato, come si s’addice a un manoscritto rarissimo, magari chiuso in qualche cripta e ritenuto pericoloso, perché una sua comprensione profonda rischia di essere corrosiva. Sicuramente da avere e magari collocarlo accanto a una Bibbia illustrata, se si ha spazio e luogo adatto in casa. I disegni sono splendidi e l’arte può essere scientifica.

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a felicitous combination of art and science that looks really cool. Kelly Houle, a calligrapher and natural-history artist in Arizona, has embarked on a daunting project: producing a complete hand-lettered and illuminated manuscript of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. She briefly describes the project here, with a nice video, and the project’s full website is here. I find it pleasingly ironic that the technique used for so long to produce artistic Bibles is now being applied to a book that’s actually true.

You can see specimens of Kelly’s work on her website.  Here’s a maribou stork (Leptoptilos crumeniferus; oil on board, reproduced, as are all illustrations in this post, with permission of Ms. Houle, and all are copyrighted):

Here is Chrysina gloriosa, also called the “glorious scarab”:

And a sample page of the manuscript with a cotton plant.  Kelly tells me…

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