Sembrerebbe essere proprio questa la principale lamentela di chi pubblica documenti relativi alla scienza. I links al creazionismo sembrano apparire sempre prima di quelli scientifici, quindi si cerca un buon viral marketing. Ma è così ovunque: i links più cliccati sono quelli più comuni e la spazzatura la producono tutti e poi con il caldo la sente alla distanza anche il ragno di Google, evidentemente. Anche in libreria i primi libri che si trovano non è che siano proprio delle perle di saggezza e di ammalianti capacità narrative, saggistiche o letterarie.

What is the first thing you do when you want to find something out these days? Head to that dusty collection of encyclopedias in the attic (or gasp a LIBRARY!?) or call up the closest friend/relative who knows something about something? Like me, you probably “google” whatever it is you are interested in finding. And, like me, you probably google lots of variations of the something you’re looking for because results are not always satisfactory. Furthermore, if you are like me, you get distracted by LOLCats, new music and Lonely Island videos and forget what on Earth could have drawn you to the internet in the first place.

As I was preparing another, (perhaps) more substantial post for this blog, I was looking for informative videos about sticklebacks. I won’t spoil the future post, but sticklebacks are small fish that live in the ocean and during the last 10,000 have been trapped in coastal lakes. Thus, they have arisen to become model organisms for studying rapid evolutionary change. This was an aspect I wanted to highlight in the larger context of that post.

Unfortunately, the search for informative YouTube videos of stickleback evolution was rather futile. At the least, videos describing some of the fascinating evolutionary research that has been done. Perhaps I have not done the search justice, used the wrong terms or what not – but that’s not the point. The point is that what shows up on the first page of search results is more important THAN ANYTHING. Here is what the top 5 Google search results are for “stickleback evolution”:

via Evolutionary Biology Needs Viral Marketing – Kevin Zelnio – Scientific American –