Dovesse interessare a qualche ricercatore italiano riporto l’offerta di Harry Lonsdale apparsa sul sito della Richard Dawkins Foundation. Ulteriori dettagli li trovate al link sotto insieme ai riferimenti della Siete incoraggiati a fare ipotesi non convenzionali, se sostenibili. Il premio può arrivare fino a due milioni di dollari qualora l’ipotesi dovesse risultare meritevole di approfondimenti negli anni.

The sponsor named below is offering an award of $50,000 for the best original proposal pertaining to the study of the origin of life on Earth, including an outline of work to be performed in support of the proposal. Multiple awards may be made. “Life” is defined here as a self-sustained chemical system capable of undergoing Darwinian evolution. The proposal should take into account the conditions, materials, and energy sources believed to have existed on the prebiotic Earth. Submissions should provide a cogent hypothesis for how life first arose, including its plausible chemistry, and for how primitive life could have evolved to modern biological cells, including the present genetic material and metabolism. Submitters are encouraged to offer unconventional hypotheses that nonetheless can be subject to experimental validation. Specific questions to be addressed include:

  1. What were the nature and genesis of the first macromolecules on the prebiotic earth? How did the building blocks that comprise these macromolecules become available and how were they assembled?
  2. How did prebiotic molecules first acquire the capacity for storing genetic information and how did the genetic machinery evolve?
  3. At what stage in the origin of life did cells originate, and what did they contain? How did those primitive cells evolve to modern biological cells?
  4. What was the chemistry of the first metabolic pathway(s) and how did that metabolism evolve to modern cellular metabolism?
  5. At what stage did proteins become involved in metabolic processes and how did the link first arise between genetic molecules and other functional molecules, such as enzymes?

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